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Clackamas County Lawful Government

            Clackamas County is a "Local" Political Sub-Division of the Sovereignty of the "State of Oregon". It is not entirely clear why so many people who support Constitutionally Lawful Government have settled in this particular County. The State of Oregon in which we abide has one of the very best Constitutions of any State in the Nation. The framers of Our Constitution, saw wh The framers of Our Constitution, saw what the other States did wrong, & they got as far away from the East Coast where things were messed up as they could, before framing our founding document in 1857, just prior to the pivotal so-called "Civil War", that Lincoln & his Pharisee Banking Cohorts Treasonously Conspiratorially Engineered. (Sorry, digressions abound. Many issues have been stifled & seek release.)
            But Clackamas County has been unty has been home to many long-time champions of Constitutionally Lawful Government. "Christian Patriot Association" has been in this county for at least 15 years, & it is the largest bookstore of its kind, apparently on the planet. Contact their Foreman: Jeffery Weakley at <> for more info there. Also, Robert Wangrud resides in this County, & this man has developed National Recognition as a Legal Scholar who helps many people in their efforts to secure their Constitutir Constitutionally Recognizable Rights. He had the "Demand for Bill of Particulars" Documents up and running long-time before it gained popularity among the more well financed & fashionable Patriot Self-Help organizations. Robert can be contacted at <>.
            Charles Bruce, Stewart; is the author of this document; & is also the main person blessed with the privilege of shedding the light concerningght concerning how Lawful County Governments are to be run in these united States of America, & more specifically this State of Oregon. Charles has resided in Clackamas County for over 10 years, & visited there more often in the farther past.
            There is a man named Marvin Riley who was instrumental in the Clackamas County Movement, back in the 1970's or 80's. Marvin has passed on to a believed more glorious & peacrious & peaceful existence now, but back then there was afoot a move to adopt a so-called "Home Rule Charter" in Clackamas County.  What Mr Riley figured out was that County Governments already had a form of "Home Rule", within the Natural Definition of what those terms mean. Common-Law aka: General-Law within this State, already allowed for Counties to "Self-Govern" entirely, as they directly exercised the Sovereignty of the State, as it was "Politically Sub-Divided" among each County. Wch County. What was being offered by the New so-called "Home-Rule Charter", was in effect a Franchise-Contract, where-under the People of Clackamas County could trade-in their Sovereignty, & thereunder partake in a Privilege Status, where so-long as they remained Obedient to the "Malum Prohibitum" Jurisdiction of the Civil Legislature of the State of Oregon, well they would get many nice benefits with lots of bells & whistles & things.
       p;       Marvin Riley clearly saw through this sell-out. He & many courageous others organized to oppose this sell-out, & got it defeated at the polls. The benefits of this remaining Sovereignty in this County are a big part of the Reason why Charles Stewart finds this County to be the most Optimal of just about any County in the Nation, to try to re-kindle properly Lawful County Government. We need to be next to a serious population center, so-as-to have pl-as-to have plenty of others in the County with the Courage to step forward to support Lawful Government. It is hard to find people to work with, & Clackamas County has a large enough population, & the neighboring Counties are also large enough to lend much needed support.
            And to give credit where it is further due there are many others who have done much good work also, too numerous to mention, inside & outside op; outside of this County. However one of the greatest was LeRoy Schweitzer, who organized "Justus Township" in Montana. It was after reviewing a videotape of Mr Schweitzwer's Explanations of how Common-Law worked in the American Republican State Constitutions to Guarantee smaller entities like Townships, Precincts, & Counties, the Right to Responsible "Self-Govern". Though Charles Stewart had been involved in much legal studies & courtroom battles before, the light had not been perceiveeen perceived as-to how the Power of the "Law" was actually behind "We the People" in these smaller entities. Mr Schweitzer gave much Heart & new-found Hope on this point, & this work would probably not be here except for that influence.

            Neighboring Multnomah County is the largest County in Oregon. The City of Portland exists therein, & a "Multnomah County Common-Law Court" was started there in about 1997. Charlet 1997. Charles Stewart, Jeff Weakley, Richard Lancial, Michelle Grammar, John Hale, & some others moved to set that up back then. We moved forward with blind faith, on a small portion of knowledge we knew to be true. We did much good work, holding many Jury Trials, but the DeFactos would not take recognition of our paperwork. The fact that the voters therein had adopted that deceptive "Home Rule Charter", lent credence to their proposition that the Originally Constitutionally Intended form ofnded form of Common-Law County Government was no longer available to the People therein. We never confronted the County Commissioners about how Lawful Government in Multnomah County should be run. Charles Stewart was elected as the "Chief Justice" therein, & his apartment/homestead being located in neighboring Clackamas County made him uncomfortable in assuming an assertive tone with the Multnomah County Commissioners. The "Multnomah County Common-Law Court" is presently in limbo, ready toimbo, ready to be dusted off & started up again, as soon as the more winnable Clackamas County establishes a Constitutionally Lawful "County Court" Governing Body.