February 1, 2000
Office of: Ris Bradshaw, Sheriff
Charles B. Stewart
Sandy Oregon

Dear Mr Stewart;
Your letter of January 30, 2000 asks ten questions of me.

(Clk Co: Lawful Govt Alliance Question 1:
1:         Under the sought soon to be re-formed & resurrected Article 7 Section 1 General Jurisdiction "Clackamas County Court" is properly called into existence, under proper "Due Course & Process of Law"; & If hereunder it becomes clear to all "Reasonable" People in attendance upon said "County Court" that Commissioner/Judge Kennemier or any others are sadly & regrettable purposefully & Criminally Abusing their Positions as Senior-Members of the Governing-Body of Clackamas-County or other positions of Influence, all so-as-to effect the furtherance of "Breaches of the Peace" against "We the People" of this County, as recognizable under "Duties of Sheriff" at ORS 206.010; & thereby said Commissioner/Judges &/or County Attorneys are either directly or indirectly assisting in the commission of such Class A Felony or other Crimes as Kidnaping, Theft, Extortion, Assault, Racketeering, Obstruction of Justice, &/or Conspiracy with others to effect the same; & hereunder, If these Criminal Intents & Acts to "Breach the Peace" are Clearly Demonstrated to you:
            Will you proceed to make any such regrettable but Lawfully Necessary Arrests of any said Commissioner/Judges or County Attorneys or others for any such clearly apparent "Breach of the Peace" related Felony Crimes as are thereunder clearly demonstrated ?
            In proper similar cases, Will you direct your Deputies to make such Arrests for such clearly apparent "Breach of the Peace" related Felony Crimes as this?)

Shrf Bradshaw Answer:
            If anyone commits a specific felony under Oregon Revised Statute my office will seek to arrest them. This office will not respond to actions of "courts" not specifically authorized by the State. Again I do not recognize any authority specific to "constables" acting beyond the rights of every other citizen. Any "constable" attempting to take inappropriate action under Oregon law will face potentiatizen. Any "constable" attempting to take inappropriate action under Oregon law will face potential civil and/or criminal liability.

(Clk Co: Lawful Govt Alliance Question 2:
            (This next series of questions has to do with how your Office will respond when one of the self-elected Constable/Peace-Officers of "We the People" attempts to effect an Arrest. As outlined in our previous letter to you, we believe that "We the People" have the Right under traditionally recoionally recognizable Common-Law & "County General Law" to provide for our own "Peace-Officers" under the Statutorily recognizable term "Constable". Hereunder, every 10 households may form special-townships of self-elected Constables, aka: "Peace-Officers" to effect Arrests of those who commit well recognizable & Peace-Breaching Public-General-Law Criminal Offences. Blacks Law Dictionary citations previously presented show that the 10-household number is that which was traditionally appditionally applicable among "Men of Good & Lawful Character" & Reputation in the Community under Common-Law.)

        ORS 133.005 & 161.015 specifically recognizes that these "Constables" are to be allowed to perform every function which is referred to in Statute as being within the Lawful Authority of "Peace-Officers". Those Statutes which specify these broad-reaching authorities of "Peace-Ofof "Peace-Officers" (& thus of Constables) are at least in part summarized within ORS 133.033, 133.220, 133.235, 133.310, 133.315, 161.235, 161.239, 161.245, & 161.260.
        Hereunder, any time a recognizable "Breach of the Peace" "Malum-In-Se" Crime is committed, All Peace-Officers including Constables have a "Duty" under applicable "Law" to immediately effect an Arrest of the person so committing said Crime. This i Crime. This is all precisely as is the ORS 206.010 Statutorily recognizably "Duty" upon yourself Sheriff Bradshaw, as we are sure you are aware. This is all clear from such textbooks as "Anderson on Sheriffs" & other sources, which indicate that the "Constable" has Duties precisely similar to the Sheriff, only with a smaller "Community Care-taking Function".
        Hereunder, the questions we seek answers from you concerning concerning this "Constable" issue is as follows:

        If, for some reason it seems to members of the Public that you or your deputies are not able to recognize that Criminal Activities are regrettably being committed by Commissioner/ /Judge Kennemier or other members of the Governing Body, County Attorneys, or other delinquent/malfeasant Public- Servants; hereunder we see the following "Law" becomng "Law" becoming applicable:
            When a Constable/Peace-Officer is attempting to make an Arrest, & he is in need of Assistance, & hereunder he "Commands" in the Name of the "Law" & the name of this "State of Oregon" that you or one of your Deputies "Assist" him in making an Arrest of said "Peace Breaching" Influential Public-Servants, that you or your deputies so "Commanded" do forthwith & forthwith & immediately render such "Assistance" to such Constable/Peace-Officer in making said Arrest.
            We find this to be one of your recognizable "Duties" under both Public-General County Common-Law, & under Statute as recognized in ORS 162.245.
2:         Hereunder, If it becomes clear to one of the properly self-elerly self-elected by "We the People" Peace-Officer/Constables that Commissioner/Judge Kennemier or said others is purposefully & Criminally Abusing his Position of Public Trust; all so-as-to effect the furtherance of "Breaches of the Peace" as recognizable under ORS 206.010 (1), & to the great damage to "We the People" within this County; & hereunder, If one of these properly self-elected Constable/Peace-Officers does proceed to attempt to make an Arrest of Commissioner/Judge Kenneer/Judge Kennemer or said others for said clearly apparent "Breach of the Peace" Crimes; Hereunder:
            May "We the People" of Clackamas County be assured that when "Commanded" by said Constable/Peace-Officer to "Assist" in said Arrest as this, that you & your Deputy Sheriff's will directly so "Assist" said Constable/Peace-Officer in effecting such an Arrest as this?)

Shrf Bradshaw Anrf Bradshaw Answer: 2:     This office will not respond to assist any illegal arrest.

(Clk Co: Lawful Govt Alliance Question 3:
3:         If the Answer to the proceeding question is No; May we at least be assured that you & your Deputy Sheriffs will at least Refrain from Actively Assisting in any "Escape" from the Custody of said Constable/Peace-Officereace-Officer over such possible "Peace Breachers" as possibly Commissioner/ Judge Kennemer ?
            Said "Escape" would be Statutorily recognizable as an "Offense against the State & Public Justice" of the magnitude of a "Class B Felony" as recognizable under ORS 162.165, & Any Others who so "Conspire" to assist in said "Escape" would be guilty of the same level of Class B Felony "Offense againsOffense against the State & Public Justice" by way of that ORS 161.450 recognizable "Conspiracy" to commit the same. We perceive that if either yourself or your deputies should regrettably choose to Actively Interfere with such an Arrest of said Influential yet perceived "Peace Breaching" Public-Servants, that such would be Conspiracy to violate ORS 161.260, which prohibits "Resisting Arrest" by any "Peace Officer", even if there are differences of opinion on applicable Law.

            Such differences of opinion as to applicable "Law" are to be settled later, & in "Court". During the Arrest is Not the time for different "Peace-Officers" to be wrestling around on the floor (or worse) over such differences of opinion. This Statute is clearly designed under this sound Public-Policy to prevent such Embarrassments (or worse). We need to know if you & your deputies will Honor thisl Honor this Well Settled Principle of Common & Statutory Law, & we need to know this well before any such possible Embarrassments (or worse) occurs.

Shrf Bradshaw Answer:    3:     This office will respond to protect the rights of any person being illegally detained.

(Clk Co: Lawful Govt Alliance Question 4:
        &n      If it is regrettably necessary for any Constable/Peace-Officer to Arrest Commissioner/ /Judge Kennemer or others for "Peace-Breaching" Crimes against "We the People" of Clackamas County, & the Arrest is effectively completed, with a view towards the Article 1 Section 10 Constitutional "Without Delay" Trail of said Prisoner under "Due Course & Process of Law" with "Jury of his Peers Trail" (who must be though of "Good & Lawful Character") in the very soon the very soon to come together Article 7 Section 1 "County Court"; Hereunder:
4:         May said Constable/Peace-Officer commit said Prisoner Commissioner/Judge Kennemer or other similar "Peace-Breaching" Influential Public Servant Criminals to your "Correctional Facility" there in Oregon City, for the safe-keeping of such ones until proper Jury Trail within the County Court can thereunder be brought together?))

Shrf Bradshaw Answer: 4: This office will not hold in Jail any person subject to an illegal arrest.

(Clk Co: Lawful Govt Alliance Question 5:
5:         Also, If said Peace-Breacher" is Convicted of said Crimes in full accord with "Due Course & Process of Law", may "We the People" of this County be assured that you will respect the Orders of the Jury of the "County Court" that said Ct" that said Convict should Serve-Out Fully any such Lawful Prison Sentence in your said "Correctional Facility" there in Oregon City ?)

Shrf Bradshaw Answer: 5: This office will hold in Jail only those persons awaiting trial or sentenced by Oregon State Courts.

(Clk Co: Lawful Govt Alliance Question 6:
6:         If the answer to the previous question is "Yes", may the Constable/Peace-Officereace-Officer who made the Arrest Gain Entry into the "Correctional Facility" at any time he so desires to check to be sure that everything is on the up & up with regards to making sure that said Influential Prisoner is Not being given any Special Favorable Treatment within said Correctional Facility?)

Shrf Bradshaw Ansr: 6: No unauthorized persons will be admitted to the secure areas of the Jail.

(Clk Co: Lawful Govt Alliance Quvt Alliance Question 7:
Other Subject Focus:
7:     If "We the People" exercise our Article 1 Section Oregon Constitutional "All Power is Inherent in the People" authority to call together the Article 7 Section 1 General-Jurisdiction "County-Court"; & said "We the People" call upon you to make Attendance upon said "County Court" as the "Ministerial Officer" thereto (as recognizable under both Article 7both Article 7 Section 16, & ORS 206.010 (5)), Will You make such Attendance, & thereunder Execute such Warrants, Process, & other Orders as are Lawfully therein directed to You ?

Shrf Bradshaw Answer: 7: No.

(Clk Co: Lawful Govt Alliance Question 8:
8:     How many people are in your "Correctional Facility" presently, sir?

Shrf Bradshaw Answer: 8: 340 (excludes Oregon Intake inmates)ntake inmates)

(Clk Co: Lawful Govt Alliance Question 9:
9:         How many People in your "Correctional Facility" do Not have a File under your care & attached to each of them which Conclusively Evidences that the Incarceration of that Prisoner has been completed therein by way of Constitutionally recognizable "Due Course & Process of Law"?
       p;       All so-called "Quasi-Crimes", & such as those lacking in evidencing that any "Mens-Rea" (ORS 161.085 "Culpable Mental State"), or "Corpus Delecti" (Body Harmed), or other forms of "Malum-Prohibitum" Jurisdiction would fall into this category sir.
            (If the answer to this last question is complex & time-consuming, a quick-rough "good-faiough "good-faith" estimate of the number of such prisoners will be sufficient.)

Shrf Bradshaw Answer: 9: None.