Introductory Text
"Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance"

Herein is explained how a Court-Record/Paper-Trail has now been firmly established
so that "We the People" so concerned are now Firmly Positioned In "Law"
to now actually Force a Return to Constitutionally Lawful County Government.
This is a Cutting-Edge Model for other Counties to follow.


            Sometime in September of 1999, Robert Wangrud, John Hale, Charles Stewart, & a hand full of other good men made appearance before the Clackamas County Commissioners, & therein did point out to them that it appeared that they were operating in an Extra-Constitutional & Military manner. They merely allowed us 3 minutes to speak, & therein they said that they would take it all under advisement, & that we should talk to their County Attorney. On behalf of the Group & "We the People" of Clackamas County & the State of Oregon, Charles Stewart had a phone conversation with the Commissioners Attorney, one:  "Myles Ward", which is transcribed at a below link. We never heard anything more from the Commissioners as a result of that first meeting , but from the phone conversation with the Attorney we knew we had serious confrontation facing us.
            We saw that the Oregon's Revised Statutes (ORS) Commanded at 203.230 & 203.240, that the Commissioners had the "Duty" to act as a "County Court"; & so we brought a case involving a family named the Heckamns before them on October 20th. Chief Commissioner Kennemer told us he would get back to us on that, which produced our first letter of correspondence. Attorney Myles Ward became more prominently involved at that point, as his advisory letter was attached to Commissioner Kennemer's Letter. Both of these letters are re-typed in, along with all of the other documents herein referenced, & all of these documents are fully & accurately reproduced, along with the indicated transcripts, all for viewing, direct-downloading, & printout; through the links.
           The correspondence which flowed there-after from our end irrespondence which flowed there-after from our end is voluminous. We therein showed exhaustively detailed explanations as-to how Lawful Governments in the Counties of Oregon & America are Constitutionally Suppose to Function. Readers desiring to become completely familiar with basically all the documents which our "Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance" has presented to the Commissioners (as shown through the links), have a serious project before them. Such will probably requiring setting aside a full day or so, just to also, just to allow sufficient time to read & comprehend/digest the modernly unfamiliar concepts set forth in these documents.  The transcripts are less useful for understanding the fundamental "Law" behind these concepts, but are more beneficial in showing the "Intent", for Good or Evil, which the readers themselves are encouraged to so adjudicate personally.
            The documents from their end (we believe (we believe) reflects a brief, short, & purposefully guarded & secretive Intent. In the light of their "Duties" as "Public Officers" to respond to these concerns fully, & that here-under the Commissioners are in Dereliction of their clearly recognizable Constitutional & Statutory "Duties" to provide all of the functions of the "County Court" as ORS 203.230 & 203.240 so commands of them. Further & similarly is shown that the Sheriff, as chief "Peace Officer" of this Countf this County,  is in "Dereliction of Duty" to "Keep the Peace" within this County. And even further similarly, is shown that the "County Attorney" is in similar Dereliction of Duty" to provide competent council to the Governing Body & "We the People" of the County. Hereunder,  the well-settled "Order" & "Course" of "Due Process of Law" Commands as a "Matter of Law", that the Commissioners have Abdicated/ Surrendered All Claims they may have to be that "Governing Body of the g Body of the County", & similar Abdications of Lawful En-Title-ment to the Offices of County Sheriff & County Attorney are similarly recognizable.

            As a matter of Applicable "Law", this is all that needs to be shown before the First Jury of "Reasonable Men" of the Newly Forming "Clackamas County Court" (after "Notice to Appear & Defend" is properly given) is Oath Bound to ch Bound to come quickly to the conclusion that the Higher Godly Natural "Laws" of "Conscience" Require that they Arrive at Verdicts to the effect that these Corrupt Public-Officers are Not the Lawful "Governing Body" of the County.
            Because we believe that these Commissioners, their Attorney, & the Sheriff are clearly shown to have Knowingly, Wilfully & Purposefully engaged in "Bad-Faith" DeceptiFaith" Deceptions & "Evil Intent" against "We the People" of this County & State; all so-as-to Fundamentally Alter our Constitutional Republican form of Government, & there-under to slowly & methodically Alienate us from our "Un-Alienable Rights", hereunder the Jury may also similarly be Oath Bound by applicable Higher "Law" to Convict these Corrupt Public-Officers of certain very serious Felony Criminal Activities.
              And if by way of the (herein shown) Mis-Use of the Sheriff's Deputies to Coerce & En-Force Compliance with these Un-Constitutional Edicts under Color of "Law", & to thereby Im-Prison & maybe even occasionally Shoot & Kill some of "We the People" of this County, the Jury may similarly conclude that this is essentially Knowing & Willful "Overt Acts" of "War" against "We the People" of this County, & thereunder against this State of Oris State of Oregon; & that hereunder a Verdict of "Treason", together with appropriate sentence, would be similarly be appropriate.

            Of course, Readers should Judge for themselves by-way-of their Conscionable Conception of "God", whether the documents below establish that the herein described "Bad-Faith" & "Evil Intent" of the Commissioners, Sheriff& Attorney has actually occuctually occurred.  If anyone so sees that we have made some Error in our Judgement of these County Officers, please tell us what & where that specific Error is.  We don't claim to be perfect, & we do admit to a possibility that we have misjudged these County Officers.  We will be very surprised if such does occur, but if it does, that information needs to be presented before the Newly Forming Jury, so that they may Openly & Publicly enter into Reasoning & Full Deamp; Full Debate on it before they Unanimously Arrive at their Conscionable Verdict.  We sincerely ask that any people having any such innocence proving information provide it as soon as possible.

            Hereunder (& after the present County Officers are Adjudicated to be Not En-Titled to these County Offices), those "Qualified Electors" So-Concerned within this County, may Directly ay Directly Proceed to call New Elections for the "Governing Body" - "County Court", & for the Sheriff & other then needed Officers.  Hereunder, the "Original Intent" that "Justice be Established" for "We the People" of this County & State may (once again) be re-established, all as is Mandated with-in Oregon's Constitution; & further here-under that  "Peaceful" & Harmonious "State" further therein Mandated may thereby ultimately once again be Reasonably Secured foy Secured for "We the People" & our Posterity.

            We will continue to post more current developments as they happen.

The Fax/Letters & Transcripts in accompaniment hereto
are accurately reproduced & complete documents.