Transcript of "Study Session"

between Clackamas County Commissioners & Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance
Tuesday, 15th, February, 2000; between 1:30 & 2:00 pm.

  CCLGA Rep: Charles Stewart. = CS
Commissioner: William (Bill) Kennemer = BK
Commissioner: Larry Sowa = LS
Commissioner: Michael Jordan = MJ
Commissioner's Attorney: Myles Ward = MWioner's Attorney: Myles Ward = MW
CCLGA Supporter: Mary Lashley = ML

BK: ... and uhh, we have as guest, Mr Stewart; and others I guess; and uhh Mr Stewart, you'd asked to uhh, have time to make presentation; uhh, were scheduled to run for half an hour ...

CS: I understand sir.

BK: so we appreciate you staying on schedule, and ...

CS: Yes.

BK: this is your opportunity to proceed as you ...

CS: Umm, Mr Jordan should take one of these too,

BK: Krray.

CS: This, its obviously way too much to cover in a half hour, its just our basic reference material, and if umm, and when we have opportunity to meet again, if you could ya-know, not cause the expense of hee, re-photo-copying it all, it it's th all, it it's the basis in law on which we rely basically here for, how were trying to move forward; and the little portion in here, that's in the, the little umm, "x" clip; about the fifth page in, we see Article 7 Section 1 of Oregon State's Constitution. And that section reads; (cough) umm, if you folks have found it ... umm; The:
            The Judicial power of the State shall be vested in a Suprem/u> a Supreme Court, Circuits Courts, and County Courts, (cough) which shall be Courts of Record having general jurisdiction, to be defined, limited, and regulated by law in accordance with this Constitution.
            Now if we look there, we can see that the term "County Courts" is specifically mentioned between the third & ththird & the fourth line there; and then on the fifth line, it states they shall be Courts of "General" Jurisdiction. Now this is different than, the Article 7 Section 12, Courts, which Attorney Ward has referred to in most of his responses to me through umm, the paper communications & things. We've gone through Exhaustive Communications in an attempt to get an interpretation of what, of whether the Clacklamas County Commissioners, the present Governing Body here, You Folks; are capable ore capable of exercising this Article 7 Section 1 "General" Jurisdiction.
            Do you folks have any kind of a response, for this months long question that's been before you at that point. Ha, have you resolved that matter in your minds at all as-to whether or not your capable of exercising this "General" Jurisdiction, under Article 7 Section 1; Attorney Ward, or the Commisshe Commissioners, or anybody?

BK: Umm, I be, I believe that its been thuuh, advice of council that umm, that's not our current
system of operation...

MW: Yes, umm...

BK: ... and that it would not be a n appropriate action for us to take.

(Garbled, then to attny Ward:) If I don't get it right, you help me out.

MW: Well said Commissioner; that's exactly what our advice has been to you that; umm, Principally because Article 7 has been Amended, uhh; the reference to "County Courts" does not apply to this Board of County Commissioners; and the Judicial authority that may have existed at one point in the past, under the , under the Oregon Constitution, in so far as the "County Court" is concerned, has essentially no application to this Board because you are not a "County Court" instead you are a Board of County Commissioners, authorized by the Constitution, through the legislature.

Unknown: ... many chairs over here, gentlemen.

CS: Uh ... .K; So, its your position that, the Amending of Articnding of Article 7, has completely destroyed, the Article 7 Original "General" Jurisdiction "County Court".

BK: I don't think were prepared to get into that kind of an argument. I, I will ...

MW: No.

BK: I don't think so. Uhh, No. I dint think that's an accurate indication ...

CS: Huuh . Well: Umm .... ; So: Its possible that the General Jurisdiction still exists then; is that possible? Under Article 7 ? ... that you folks are just ... ah, ah, you don't, you don't feel appropriate exercising a General Jurisdt...., County Court Jurisdiction; Is that accurate? ... But, But it may exist, as far as you know?

BK: I, I got something, lemme get this different direction for a moment Mror a moment Mr Stewart ...

CS: Sure, sure ...

BK: and umm... . I guess uhh, I had understood that you were gong to make uhh, presentation to us, rather than ask us a ser.., series of questions. And so, you-know; I'm not sure that I'm prepared to answer those and I don't know that my colleagues are Ither. Uhm, I guess I'd like to know is this how you want to proceed, cause it pr cause it pretty much is your time; well try ta ...

CS: Yess.

BK: ... to accommodate you as best we can.

CS: I appreciate that sir; umm, we've had, through commissioner ss, letters to Commissioner Sowa that I believe have been relayed to all of the rest of you; we've had extensive communication on, on what our beliefhat our beliefs are ...

BK: Umm, Humm.

CS: ... and, and how we are concerned about proper and Lawful Administration of Justice, in this County, in accord with Original Constitutional Principles ....

BK: Kay.

CS: And, and we've been Stone-walled ..., sir.

BK: I don't think "Stone-walled" would be correct response, I believe that we initially asked Mr Ward to respond to some of these ...

MW: Yes.

BK: And then when he determined that umm, ueh, that he did not in his legal judgement and on behalf of the County believe that they were ahh, ahh, approp ... (garbleing... (garbleing, then to MW:) ya correct me if I get this wrong... (back to CS) Appropriate ways to interpret umm, the Constitution, and the various materials that you were citing; that it was not ahh, in the Public Interest to continue to pursue these things because they were not of umm, the nature of the normal understanding of how these matters come together; and it would not be appropriate for us to proceed in that; in the way that you would wish.

CS: Umm, Humm .

(Unknown source: Cough, garbling.)

MW: Mr Chairman, that's exactly what I ... to ...

CS: Yes ..., that is ...

LS: Yes, and I guess it doesn't ... matter how we feel personally ... its fact that the legislature, beforeture, before our time, came in and amemde ... passed laws that basically amended u, us out of being a Court, so-to-speak.

CS: Well, umm; the first section with the paper-clips, talks about; there's, they're in consecutive numerical order, umm; and farther on towards the back, we have ORS 203.035..., um; and ... Section 1 is very good also, but Sub-section 2 is about the most powerful, and it says:
            The power granted by this section is in addition to...

BK: Skuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt you, ... help me with the citation again ...?

CS: Ueh, 203.035 ..., ... Your in the Constitutional Section there sir; it's the, the Statutory Section, it starts out ... its got ... its got a black paperclip on it ...

BK: Oh pardon me, Im in the wrong one.

(garbling) Unknown: Wrong One.

CS: ... yea, its probably your bottom one; No, no, your other black paperclip, yea, there you go, there yours in the Statutes. And then, its toards the end, its within bout the last 10 pages; its ORS 203.0s; its ORS 203.035. ...

Unknown: There you go.

BK: Yap! Thank you.

CS: OK. ... Sub-section 2 says:
          The power granted by this section is in addition to other grants of power to counties, and it shall not it shall not be construed to limit or qualify such grant, and shall be liberally construed, to the end that counties have all powers over matters of county concern that it is possible for them to have under the Constitutions and laws of the United States and of this state. (small insignificant errors herein, diverging from actual text).
            Now..., th, this is a very pows a very powerful Statute. Its, it states that ... everything that it is possible for the County Court to have, ... is available to them. ... And if you'll notice, Article 7 Amended is published along-side of Article 7 Original. ... And I dare say, that its because ... in the notes, in the head-note to Original Article 7, umm ...; which is in your Constitutional Section, umm ...., the, tho portion with the "X" paperclip umm, is the Constitutional Section, with a few Oregon Case-Law Cites. Umm ..ites. Umm ..., about half way through, we have a page ... that talks about ... tht uses the word "Supplanted"? ... ... OK? ....
            OK? .... This, this word in the head-note, it appears in both the Blue Book and, and Oregon Revised Statutes; it shows that Article 7 Original has been "Supplanted" ... by Article 7 Amended and a few Statutes and other things that the legislaat the legislature's put together.
            If you look at the very next page here, we've got photo-copies of the definition of the term "Supplant". ... OK? ... The term "Supplant" means: according to Random House Dictionary "through Force, Scheming, or the like. To Trip-up, or to over-through." According to Oxford Dictionary it means: "To dispossess another by treacherous or dis-rous or dis-honorable means." Umm, in Webster's International Dictionary it means: "To Trip-up, Over-through, as by Tripping, to Bring about the Downfall, to Over-through, to Undermine, Especially by Force, Trickery, Treachery, Usurp, Up-root" ... it goes on and on ... !
            The obvious implication ... is, in its best light ... is ... umm; the further portion, in the same an the same area ... we go to ... at the end of all of this; there's Case-Law Precedent called: "State Ex Rel Madden vs Crawford", that I gave to you folks the first time I saw ya .
            Umm ... It states, near the bottom of the first page there, that ... that ... the Amending of Oregon's Constitution, "Supplanting", Bad-Faith, Trip-up, what-ever ya wanna call it ..., Was und..., Was undertaken to prevent a "Hiatus"... , as-in "Declaration of Emergency"... that I've mentioned to you numerous times; and Mr Ward has indicated that there's, there's No, there, there's No Alteration of basic Constitutional Principles.
            The, the Only Explanation for this "Supplanting" and Up-Rooting of the Original Article 7, is an Emergency such as referred to inferred to in the, in the "State Ex Rel Madden vs Crawford" case, talkin about a "Hiatus".
            This would be plausible authority. If there's complete break-down in the Administration of Justice, and they have an Emergency Situation, Yes. Then we can say ok, extra-ordinary measures have to be taken, and there is color of, of legitimacy under an Emergency Condition to go ahead to go ahead and "Supplant" .... the Constitution.
            But if there's No Emergency; if there's no "Hiatus" ..., this "Up-Rooting" ... this, this "Tripping-Up" ..., of the Original Article 7, is Law-less; its Treason. ...
            OK? But ... There's other There's other things that indicate that we've got Declarations of an Emergency ... , ... there's lots of things. And umm, ... in the portion: "Blackstone 101"..., these are in some degree of order; but their, their basically a number of Case-Law Citations and things; there's a portion about ... 10 pages in ..., maybe 15 or so ... ; but it talks about umm, a "Senate Report" Number 93-549. This is what it looks like ..., ok? Umm..., yea, farther on in there ... there ya go, Commissioner Kennemer. C Kennemer. Can ya find it Commissioner Sowa?

LS: Not yet. Im workin on it.

CS: It's, yea; little bit farther on in there ... yea there ya go. Did you find Commissioner Jordan?

MJ: Yes.

CS: OK. This was issued in November of '93 (spoken error '73 actually) r '73 actually) by the United States Government. It says:
            "A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency.">

            OK? It goes on ...:
            "The problem of how a constitutional democracy reacts to great crisis, however, far antecets (antedates actually) the Great Depression. As a philosophical issue, its origins reach back to the Greek city-states and the Roman the Roman Republic. (And,) in the United States, actions taken by the Government in times of great crisis have - from, at least, the Civil War ..."
            this is a turning point, the Civil War ... :
            "- in important ways shaped the preaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency."
            OK? ... We've got a "Permanent State of National Emergency" recognized by the United States Senate ... in 1973; and it says ... that: "Procedures", "Freedoms and Governmental Procedures"; "Procedures", as-in "Due Process of Law" ....; "Guaranteed by Constitution", "Guaranteed ... by the Constitution" ...; "Have ... Been Abridged"...; like "Supplanted" ... ; "by ... Laws Brought into Force, by States of National Emergency".
            This fits together with our "Madden vs Crawford" ... "Hiatus" situation. This fits in, in, in with our "Supplanted", "Trip-Up" situation with Article 7 Amended. These people Knew ... that it's, tha Article 7ha Article 7 Amended is basically a Lawless Act ...; But, they had an "Emergency Situation"..., as referred to in United States Senate, and so they went ahead and slapped something together, and they did it anyway.
            And they publish Article 7 Original, along-side Article 7 Amended; because if the people ever get their acts together, to re-establish "Lawful Government";Government"; Article 7 Original ... Will Be the Authoritative Source. .............. OK?

LS: So, your sayin they amended the Original uh, Article 7 because of a Nation ..., National ... or State Emergency?

CS: That's the only explanation that can be brought in ..., unless ya gonna start talking Treason or somethin ... .
            And, and we've got lots of Evidence of, of Emergency; the Emergency in the, the Senate Report ... is talkin about an Emergency; and the "State Ex Rel Madden vs Crawford Case" there is talks in terms of a "Hiatus" ... in the Administration of Justice. That was eh, that was a 1956 case; but the, the Amending of Oregon's Constitution happened back about 1910 ...; and so ... these things show ... that, ... that; th... that; they show strong evidence ... that this is the proper, more generous interpretation ... of what is going on. If we don wanna to be talking Treason, then we have to be talk about an Emergency Situation that has been brought into effect; like the Senate Report here reads; umm, because of a "State of National Emergency"; that, that there's just a break-down in, in ... the abilities of the people to responsibly self-govern; and hold civil government accountable and ... ; I, I don't know I don't know Exactly all of the details of Exactly what's goin on; but you can see the Big Picture, and see what the Forest looks like without knowing all of the leaves on all the trees, ... ya know ? .....
            And, and, and with all due respect folks, I wouldn't have to be dropping this bomb-shell on ya like this, if there'd been just a little bit more open communication frunication from your-guyses end, early-on. ...OK?
            And, and a lot of us are really ...; we get, we get ..., we get ... the feeling that there's "Bad Faith" from your ends. From the outset, back with the Heckman's, I talked ... with Commissioner Sowa, and Commissioner Kennemer here; and, and you guys both basically indicated to me; that, that you would exercise "Good Faith "Good Faith" in tryin to communicate on these things ...

BK: And we did.

CS: Well ...

BK: We had the first materials you sent to us, reviewed by Legal Council; on the basis of them being un-orthodox, and not uhh, found to be in our, in our interpretation umm, Legally Correct; uhh, we decided it was Not in the Best I in the Best Interests of the Public to continue Answering a long series of questions, because the logic didn't follow. Now, I would indicate to you also that if you think that were in error, that's the reason that our government system has a Court System ...

CS: Yea, that ...

BK: That would be where your recourse would be if you think that were not following the Law,
and we are subject to their authority.

CS: I've got news for ya.

BK: (To: Myles Ward) Am I, Am I, did I ...

MW: Yes.

BK: ... get that pretty much accurate ...

MW: Yes, Commissioner Kennemer. ... umm, we looked umm, at the original concerns that were brought forth concerning the Heckmans ...

BK: Umm Humm.

MW: ... And it was suggested at that time, that the Heckmans were experiencing some difficulties, were dis-satisfied with the results of ... an action that they were involved in in Circuit Couin Circuit Court. And we looked in "Good Faith" at the suggestions by Mr Stewart, that this Board could incorporate itself somehow as the Court of General Jurisdiction; and take control of the proceedings involving the Heckmans, and move them across the street, and bring them over here. And we gave you our best advice that that is totally inappropriate and completely unauthorized by any decision of Oregon Law what-so-ever.
              And that continues to be our advice today, and its made in "Good Faith", and after careful consideration of everything Mr Stewart has presented. Its .... we disagree with his conclusions and his reasons. Its not anything personal; its just, your a Board of Commissioners, and the Courts are across the street, with Judges ... appointed pursuant to the Constitution of this State. ...

CS: Yea. ... I heard. ...

LS: And what your trying to say now is that umm, all Laws uhh, been uhh, enacted since before the 1910 decision by the Senate; uhh, is basically not derived on any Constitutional Principles.

CS: I haven't examined all the Laws that have been enacted since thad. A lot of the Statutes look pretty good.

LS: No. I mean in reference to the County Court & the County Commissioners, n stuff like that.

CS: Well, I haven't; I don't have the resources available like a Law Library right next door to me to ... research all of these things. Umm. ... But with regard to ... umm ... umm ... ... the differing interpretations on Law. ... If were wrong, things will just continue as they are; &, &am; &, & well go away; and, and, and nothing big's happening. If you guys are wrong ..., the Force of the State is presently being Administered in an Incorrect Manner ..., against the People.
            They're, they're being railroaded into this, this "Prison Growth Industry"... ; without "Due Process of Law". And you guys, are Sitting On our Only Solution; and your refusand your refusin ta enter inta further Di..., "Good Faith" Discussions on these matters.

LS: Can you tell me what ah, what you refer to when you say: "Prison Growth Industry"? ... Putting (garbled) people in prison for ...

CS: ... for "Malum Prohibitum" Crimes. Crimes that are Not "General" in Nature. They're "Special". They're serving a "Private Special Interest Group". There'Group". There's No "Mens Rea". There's No "Corpus Delecti". Ya know what those terms mean?

LS: Eh, No; I don't.

CS: "Mens Rea" is a "Culpable Mental State". "Corpus Delecti" is a "Body Harmed". It has to refer to "Victimless-Crimes"... ; ya-know like, like choppin wood on your property, eh... ; little things like that. Umm, and a lot of people are havin their lives destroyed ..s destroyed ... because were shoved off into a Court System that's basically Military in Nature. Its not in accord with the Principles of the Civil Government ... that are limited by the Constitution. They've reached beyond ... the Constitution.
            And ... umm; If you guys have got your mind made up, that your gonna entrench on, on Mr Ward's interpretation behind this; I'd l this; I'd like to direct ya; eh, as it appears that, that; this appears like the way its gonna unfold here; umm, eh, correct me if I'm wrong; you guys aren't really inclined ta, indulge a whole lot more meetings like this, like maybe next week or something to go ahead and pursue this further, are ya?

BK: I'm Not. (Garbled words)

CS: Yea, Yea. Ok, Ok. Well, why don't ya quickdon't ya quick, take a quick look at the, the very last document that's got the, the, the pink uhh, umm, paperclip on it; the last one. Yea. The, de, um, ie; there's about 3 there, the one at the bottom of the, the three .... ? ... ... OK.
       See this? We believe we've got the Right to Move in the Vacuum. You guys are Not doin the Article 7 Section 1 General Jurisdiction County Courts ... . You guys ar . You guys are bein Derelict in your Duty to provide us with Responsible Government. And thereby, you are allowing the Sheriff and other Municipal Police Officers to go out and beat the snot outa people, because you guys are being Derelict a your Duty. You're an ac ...

BK: That's Totally Inaccurate.

CS: Well, Lemme Finni...

BK: Go ahead (garbled).

CS: Yea. Thank you Sir. ... This is effectively a "Culpable Mental State" on your part, its "Conspiracy" ta, ta Mis-Use the Force of the State ... Against the People,
            ... and its an act of Treason.
              And were gonna move forward against you guys on these things.

BK: What does that mean. That sounds like a pretty serious Threat, Mr Stewart, and I'd like to know what that means, because frankly ... I have concerns for my well being, and the well being of my house.

CS: Were, were, were; Yes! I suppose you do! ppose you do! You probably don't like thinking about the inside of a Jails, like every body else that's out there being harassed and thrown into Jails outside a "Due Process of Law".

BK: I've no fear of that, because it will not happen, because were following the Law sir.

CS: No your not. You've got no idea what "Due Process of Law". Your Illiterate on the matter.font>

BK: What are your Legal Credentials Mr Stewart?

CS: They're better n his (pointing to Attorney Ward).

BK: I'd like to know what they are then, if they are. Are you a Licensed Member of the Bar? (garbled recording)

CS: I'm good enough to back yenough to back you up against the wall; or him, or him, or him; in a fair debate (pointing to all 3 commissioners & Attorney Ward).

BK: Are you, are you Licensed to Practice Law in the State of Oregon?

CS: Ye, ye; The, the quick answer's No.

BK: Ok, thank you. That's the ordinary standard that we use in this State.

CS: Not Honest People. That's, that wasn't the Original Constitutional Intent.

BK: We have about umm, 3 minutes, if you would please wrap it up, we'd appreciate it. .

CS: I think, I think the Indictment for Treason is, is pretty well wrapped up. Uhh, Well be notifyn you guys ... as to when we expect you to expect you to appear, and how we expect "Due Process of Law" to unfold in this matter. You guys are hereby charged with Treason. ...
            This is a serious Charge.

BK: Well I consider it a Fallacious and, and, I don't know what ...

CS: Yea ..., yea ..., ye., yea ..., yea .... (garbled recording)

BK: I think its an Absurd and Groundless Charge. I think the 3 of us arr uhh, highly responsible people, and I think its Irresponsible to Proceed in this Manner, but this is America, and within some limits, you have the Right to Proceed with your own un-orthodox & un-founded views.

CS: Yea.

BK: Ahh, Specifically; what, what actions may we expect, so-that we can be prepared, because we certainly have the right to defend ourselves.

CS: Were not going to be "Breaching the Peace", well be in contact with Sheriff Skipper as ta how all of these things should unfold, with wi ....

BK: With Sheriff Skipper?

CS: Sheriff ... umm, umm ... Bradshaw. Im sorry, I was ... few generations behind.

BK: Ok, didn't recognize (garbled-recording) ... name.

CS: Umm, Umm. And, and, we don't intend to do any, pull any surprises. Ok? But we do intend, that e, every 10 persons have the Right to Elect a "Constable", who is a "Peace Officer".
            "Peace Officers" are Not to be "Resisted" when they come in, with "Arrest Warrants".
            Statutes say so. And, an tec ...

BK: I don't know, I believe that we have the Right Not to be Harassed.

MW: Yea but, there's No Statute that says 10 People can Elect a Constable.

CS: Yea. There's No Statute, but ....

ML: Mr Kenenmer, may I say something please?

BK: Mr Stewart is in charge, of this time, cuzz were right at the end of time. Do you of time. Do you want her to speak?

CS: For a brief moment, Yes.

ML: He does not have to be a Licensed Attorney to present the Constitutional Laws of the Land, which are the Highest Laws.

BK: I would concede that.

ML: There is not to be any Statute that superced that supercedes the Constitutional Laws. And I can give you case-law for that.

LS: That's not exactly true.

MJ: But there, there, there are certain Structures within the Constitution, that say who gets to Interpret those, Ultimately. The Ultimate Interpretation goes, at least to my understanding is the Judicial Branch of this Government. Not just anybody who walks in off the sin off the street.

ML: Well there's some Blatant; there's some Blatant Statutes that any Moron umm, can read it see that it takes the place of a Statute. I mean of our Constitution.

MJ: I appreciate what you saying uhh, I guess I might disagree just briefly, in that we have interesting debates here almost every day about what common words mean and how they are strung togethertrung together in sentences. And umm, I would just say that Reasonable People do Disagree, on those interpretations. Uhh, that's why there's a Supreme Court. That's why there's a Judicial System in this Country that in some way, shape, or form; is meant to Interpret the words in the Constitution. And umm, Ya-know, I think in Short of an Anarchy-type of Situation, I would have to, We have to, I think We are Bound as a Group here; to deal-with the Structures that are in Law uhh, that we have to be rhave to be responsible to. Now, Im not saying that, that the words on a printed page aren't open to interpretation. Uhh, Mr Stewart has certainly done a lot more research than I ever have; into all of the different aspects of the Constitution, and uhh, Statutes; but uhh, I guess, at least I haven't been shown ... as to where were acting in any way, shape, or form; that would constitute a Charge of Treason.

CS: Would You; Are you open; Are you open to carrying on further discussion on the matter, Commissioner Jordan?

MJ: Well I think you have a couple more minutes ... .

CS: Well, not at this point; I mean, I mean maybe next week or something .... ???

MJ: I'm not, Im not interested in this venue, any longer.

CS: Yea, yea. See? See? This is, this is what we get... ; "Stone-wall". And, and, and what we ...

BK: We have a difference of opinion, and I don't know, We have afforded you time at a forum, we've now afforded you this opportunity, we've gotten Legal Response to some of your earlier documents; "Stone-walled" I think is a highly inappropriate word. I think we have attempted to respond, and with all respect all respect, I think we have a respectfully indicated we have a very different view from your conclusions. And I think, ya-know it is appropriate for both sides to honor differences, legitimate differences of opinion, and I would submit that to you for your consideration.

CS: Yea, well I've got News for you too, Sir. You guys are "Public Servants". Your under "Master-Servant" Relationship to the People. The People are the "Masters", he "Masters", You guys are "Servants". You guys better have your "Law" lined up. Ya better be coming up with some better stuff than what's been comin forth; Because "Due Process of Law" is coming at you guys.

BK: Thank You, I think we have now concluded our time.

        Basically, this transcript is True & Accurate. Sincere efforts were made here-in to maintain complete Integrity in relaying the Essence of this group discussion. There were some garbled portions on the recording of tape, and sometimes someone made small partial statements at the same time another was talking, to which the first persons words were either inre either indecipherable, or totally time-wasting distractions to try to transcribe in. Such instances were very few. Transcribing this kind of a group discussion of this length with complete accuracy is close to impossible.
        However, If it should become Proven before a Conscience-Bound Common-Law Jury that I have acted with "Bad-Faith" Intent in Composing this Transcript; I will Submit myself to such Statutory Penaltiestory Penalties of mere Men as: "Perjury".
        And of even greater concern to Men of Spiritual Discernment; I, Charles Bruce, Stewart; do hereby Publicly Swear before "YHVH", also known as: "Almighty God" (as referred to in Article 1 Section 2 of Oregon's Constitution); so as to make this "Solemn Appeal" to Him, that He witness my words herein, & that He take my Soul & Torment it forever in Hell-fire, or that He do to at He do to me the most Terrible of whatever else conceivable Punishment He shall deem appropriate; If any of the Words I set forth within each page of this Transcript are composed under either reckless negligence or motives to purposefully deceive.     Truly: Charles Bruce, Stewart.