From: Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance
CEO: Charles Bruce, Stewart;
39275 Hood St, # D
Sandy, Clackamas County, Oregon [97055]
Phone: 668-3932;
January 28, 2000
To: Clackamas County Commissioner/Judge Michael Jordan
Re: Clackamas County Court; Michael Jordan Letter/Fax # 1

Commissioner/Judge Jordan,
            Our group has been in discussions with members of the Governing Body of Clackamas County, since before an October 20th "Open Forum" meeting, back in September I believe, when myself &a back in September I believe, when myself & Robert Wangrud placed before all 3 of you Commissioner/Judges photo-copy evidence from Oregon Supreme Court case-law showing that a "Hiatus" has occurred in this "Administration of Justice" within this State & County, thus purportedly necessitating Emergency measures & Legislation which works to Interfere with the otherwise Constitutionally recognizable Unalienable Rights of "We the People" of this County. Our time allowances were restrained by rules which worked to sti worked to stifle opportunity for these more pressing concerns to be allowed more than meager 3 minutes for discussion, & opportunity thereby to rise above such trivialities as Art.
            Therein response, Commissioner Kennemer speaking for all 3 of you members of the Governing Body, indicated concern, & intent to study the evidence we presented.
            We hep;  We heard nothing back.

            On October 20th, a family named the Heckmans & myself did present complaint to a quorum of the Governing Body of the County, that Felony Crimes had been committed within the jurisdiction of the County Court, & that the Governing Body there-under was under "Duty" as of that moment to follow "Due Course &Process of Law" so as to Administer Justice in that matter. You were thr. You were there for just a few moments at the beginning of the meeting, all before we had opportunity to present these things. We presume however, that you have been made fully aware of these matters. If this presumption is in error, please deny this in a timely manner, & accompany that denial with explanation has to how this could have occurred.
            At that meeting, Commissioner Kennemer stated that he would exercise "Goodercise "Good Faith" in getting to the bottom of the matter. Both he and Commissioner Sowa affirmed they would honor their Oath to uphold the Oregon & US Constitutions. At that meeting we told both commissioners that Attorney Ward had admitted that he didn't know what the Original Intent was behind Oregon's Constitution.
            Commissioner Kennemer proceeded directly to Attorney Ward for council on the matter. Attorney Ward retorney Ward rendered Opinion that our claim was of no merit. Commissioner Kennemer stated in his outgoing letter that it is "Imperative" that he follow the advice of that legal council, Attorney Ward. This word "Imperative" means "Must". Dictionaries say so. This works to placing the Oath to uphold the Constitution second place behind the opinions of the Attorneys such as Self-admitted Incompetent Attorney Ward.
            Much (sp) has Much (sp) has transpired since then. We have been working with Commissioner Sowa in the hopes that he could cause a break through in the stonewalling we are receiving regarding these concerns. Tho Commissioner Sowa indicated optimism in facilitating a full & timely addressing of our concerns, he has not been able to perform in accord with those standards which he indicated he was capable.
            The letters to Commissioner Sowamissioner Sowa have been forwarded to Attorney Ward for response. Most have been replied to, tho with painfully dyslectic competence.

            We imagine you are familiar with all of this, but we feel it necessary to go through these preliminaries as by your position in the Governing Body of this County, you are of significance in the events unfolding here. We assume that you have received copies of all communications to Commissioner Smmissioner Sowa, & of the incompetent responses of Attorney Ward, as each of these were issued by each communicating party. If this assumption is in error, please deny such, with explanation, in a timely manner. Indicate also who was the incompetent who failed to notify you in timely manner of these most important events.

            By your position on the Governing Body of the County, you need to position yourself to respond to th respond to these events in an Honorable & Lawful Manner. The incompetence & disingenuousness which has been forthcoming from Attorney Ward, & the resultant similar bad reflection on Commissioners Kennemer & Sowa, will no longer be tolerated by "We the People" of this County. We have "Remedy" for these "Body-Politic" afflictions of Constitutional Health. Both versions of Article 7 of Oregon's Constitution specifically recognize how Incompetent, Corrupt, & Malfeasant Public-Offi Public-Officers may be removed from their Offices by Criminal Proceedings. ORS 30.510 specifically recognizes the Right of "Private Parties" to bring actions in the Name of the State to accomplish this end. If actions such as these regrettably become necessary, we do not intend to rely on ORS, but on Common-Law proceedings, which are of similarly solid "Quo Warranto" basis in well-founded "Law".

            You are of significance. We nificance. We sincerely hope that you will "Do the Right Thing" regarding these matters & your "Duties" hereunder.
            We the People" are going to be addressing Commissioner Kennemer directly on these matters asap. We will be demanding Straight Answers or good reasons why not with proper Good Faith Time Frames within which such Straight Answers can be made available. This hogwash which has been forthcoming from Attorney Ward torney Ward will not be tolerated. You commissioners will not be allowed excuse of relying of the stupidity of "Opinion" of Attorney Ward, or other fork-tongued Infidels. We hope you will rise above these concerns sir.

            However, we have another matter which we must address to you.
            There is a member of our group, with good Reputation for Truthfulness therein,ess therein, named Michael Rinkes (sp), who resides at 980 S. Beaver (sp) Creek Road near Oregon City, & who does Construction work. He purchased a valuable piece of land down in Canby some years back, during a time period in which you were an influential member of that city's Governing Body.
            Mr Rinkes (sp) has affirmed the Truthfulness of some of his Accusations Against You to the effect that you have knowingly & wwingly & willfully Conspired with others to commit Class A Felony Theft & other Crimes against him effectuating an alienation from him of his property.
            Now tho we hold Mr Rinkes (sp) in very high regard, we who are involved in supporting this "Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance" do firmly hold to the well settled Common-Law Maxim that no person should be moved against by the Force of the State, save unless "Dsave unless "Due Course & Process of Law" has been followed so-as-to properly convict him, under Jury Trial by His Peers, of "Good & Lawful Men", If he has any.
            This will certainly be made available to yourself, if such unpleasantness should become necessary.
            However, We would suggest that you move to "nip it in the bud" by exercising diligence sng diligence so-as-to "Make It Right" with Mr Rinkes (sp). We suggest that you invite him & others of ourselves to a sit-down meeting to address these matters. The smaller conference room on the Commissioners Office Building would be fine. We suggest that you arrange this meeting to take place within a week or so, & that you allow for follow-up meetings in either case that Mr Rinkes (sp) is not fully able to express his grievances against you then & there, or that you are not able to rot able to respond then & there so-as-to neutralize these concerns.
            You can type up a brief letter setting forth time, date & place for such meeting, & you can EMail a copy to me at the EMail address appearing beneath my name below. You can fax a copy of such letter to Mr Rinkes (sp) at 656-8015.
            Please exercise "Good Faith" to "Get to the to "Get to the Bottom of This" in a timely manner Commissioner/Judge Jordan. Please do not necessitate our bringing charges against you on this matter. We hope to hear from you on this matter soon sir.


Charles Bruce, Stewart.
Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance
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