From: Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance
CEO: Charles Bruce, Stewart;
39275 Hood St, # D
Sandy, Clackamas County, Oregon [97055]
Phone: 668-3932;
January 28, 2000
To: Clackamas County Commissioner/Judge William Kennemer
Re: Clackamas County Court & Heckman Case, Letter/Fax # 1

Commissioner/Judge Kennemer;
            Our group has been in discussions with members of the Governing Body of Clackamas County, since before an October 20th "Open Forum" meeting, back in September even I believe, when myself & Robert Wangrud & John Hale & others plrt Wangrud & John Hale & others placed before all 3 of you Commissioner/Judges photo-copy evidence from Oregon Supreme Court case-law showing that a "Hiatus" has occurred in this "Administration of Justice" within this State & County, thus purportedly necessitating Emergency measures & Legislation which works to Interfere with the otherwise Constitutionally recognizable Unalienable Rights of "We the People" of this County. Our time allowances were restrained by rules which worked to stifle opportunity for thenity for these more pressing concerns to be allowed more than meager 3 minutes for discussion, & opportunity thereby to rise above such trivialities as Art.
            Therein response, You Commissioner Kennemer indicated concern, & intent to study the evidence we presented.
We heard nothing back.

            On October 20th, a family named the Heckmans, myself, &kmans, myself, & others, did present complaint to a quorum of the Governing Body of the County, consisting of yourself & Larry Sowa; that Felony Crimes had been committed within the jurisdiction of the County Court, & that the Governing Body there-under was under "Duty" as of that moment to follow "Due Course & Process of Law" so as to Administer Justice in that matter.
            Therein you stated that you would exercisewould exercise "Good Faith" in getting to the bottom of the matter. Both you & Larry Sowa affirmed you would honor your Oath to uphold the Oregon & US Constitutions. At that meeting we told both of you that Attorney Ward had admitted that he didn't know what the Original Intent was behind Oregon's Constitution.
            Regardless of our testimony as to Attorney Ward's Self-admitted Incompetence regarding Original Constitutionl Constitutional Intent, You proceeded directly to Attorney Ward for council on the matter. Attorney Ward rendered "Opinion" that our claim was of no merit. You thereunder stated in your cover letter that it is "Imperative" that you follow the advice of this Self-admitted Incompetent, Attorney Ward. This word "Imperative" means "Must". Dictionaries say so. This clearly works to placing Your Oath to uphold the Constitution second place behind the "Opinions" of such Self-admitted Incompetents as Atttents as Attorney Ward.

            Much (sp) has transpired since then. We have been communicating with Larry Sowa in the hopes that he could cause a break through in the stonewalling we are receiving regarding these concerns. Tho Mr Sowa indicated optimism in facilitating a full & timely addressing of our concerns, he has not been able to perform in accord with those standards which he indicated he was capable.
            The letters to Commissioner/Judge Sowa have been forwarded to Attorney Ward for response. Most have been replied to, tho with painfully dyslectic competence.

            We imagine you are familiar with all of this, but we feel it necessary to go through these preliminaries. Attorney Ward pointed out in his January 4th letter, 3rd paragraph, to Larry Sowa, that: "Mr Ste that: "Mr Stewart ... does not suggest, however, which of the three commissioners is the County Judge...".
            Allow us to cure this ambiguity.

            We perceive that it is You who have the "Duty" of the "County Judge" to "Administer Justice" for "We the People" of this County, such as the Heckmans. This is because you are the most Senior of the present sitting Commt sitting Commissioners. Your "Duties" hereunder will continue until action may regrettably be necessitated to Oust you from your Office. Cause for an action such as this would be for failure to do your "Duty" to "Administer Justice" for "We the People" of Clackamas County, such as the Heckmans. We may be able to put together such a case presently, however we are committed to exhausting the "Pathway of Peace", & to exercise a masculine Good-Faith form of "Love of Enemy", so far as possible w as possible with us, & all as taught by Christ Jesus. Based here-under, we have assumed commitment to keep community trauma to an absolute minimum during this most significant change which will occur in the mode of operation of the Governing Body of Clackamas County.

            We believe that "Due Course & Process of Law" can be made to move with surprising quickness, regardless of its apparent top-heaviness of demanding a 12 hnding a 12 honorable man unanimous verdict, & its negative propaganda from Bar Association Monopoly Members. Lawful Government is not all that complicated. It is merely hidden from "We the People" by the Bad-Faith Infidels who infest the Temple of Justice, just as in Jesus day.
            The only serious question then remaining, is whether the "Force" which is necessary to back up the Lawful Judgements issuing there-from is availabm is available. We have made contact with Sheriff Bradshaw concerning many of these issues, & we are hereunder working towards the effective minimization of county social trauma when this shift to re-establish Lawful Government occurs. We hope that you will join with us in making this move for increasing the "General Welfare" of "We the People" of this County sir.

            If you are Not Capable of carrying the electrical wattagetrical wattage of the energy of this most serious job of "Administering-Justice" in Honorable & Lawful Manners for "We the People" of this County, then Your Only Other Honorable & Lawful Move, is to Step-Aside from that position of leadership, & to allow the mantle of authority to pass to Larry Sowa, or if he declines, to Michael Jordan. If these two also step-asside, one of you needs to Immediately Nominate Another Person, whom said nominator feels capable of conducting that energy that energy & those Proceedings, all so as to pilot this "Ship of State" of the Governing Body of Clackamas County along this Honorable "Course of Law" which is "Due" to be made Publicly Available for "We the People" who compose said County .

            If you do feel capable of handling the energy, but are just lacking in knowledge; you may appoint a councillor to yourself to help you follow this "Course & Process". We believes". We believe that there are some among our "Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance" who could fulfill those needs for you. If you choose anyone to support you in this manner, please try to chose council better than Attorney Ward.
            You could also step-down without making any nominations for anyone else to take the helm of the "Ship of State" within the Governing Body of the County. If you choose that path, just state sucjust state such plainly for the Court's Record.

            Should these concerns for "General Welfare" for "We the People" of this County, & their accompanying need for ready access to "Administration of Justice" along "Due Course & Process of Law" regrettably necessitate that You be Removed from your Office, then such will be regrettably directly sought sir. We involved herein sincerely hope that this does not become
necessary sir.

            Hereunder sir, please take Spiritual Courage, & reconcile yourself as to how your Spirit can interact in these matters.
            By your position on the Governing Body of the County, you are of most serious significance in the events unfolding here,  & you need to position yourself to respond to these events in an Honorable &onorable & Lawful Manner. We assume that the background of the letter/fax communications from all parties were going thru Commissioner Sowa's Office were also made available to you as they were unfolding. If this assumption is in error, please deny such, with explanation, in a Timely manner. Indicate also who was the incompetent who failed to notify you in timely manner of these most important events.
            The incompetence &amcompetence & disingenuousness which has been forthcoming from Attorney Ward, & the resultant similar bad reflection on yourself & Larry Sowa, will no longer be tolerated by "We the People" of this County. We have "Remedy" for these "Body-Politic" afflictions of Constitutional Health. Both versions of Article 7 of Oregon's Constitution specifically recognize how Incompetent, Corrupt, & Malfeasant Public-Officers may be Removed from their Offices by Criminal Proceedings. ORS 30.510 sORS 30.510 specifically recognizes the Right of "Private Parties" to bring actions "in the Name of the State" to accomplish this end. If actions such as these regrettably become necessary sir, we do not intend to rely on ORS, but on Common-Law proceedings, which are of similarly solid "Quo Warranto" basis in well-founded "Law".

            We expect that the presently scheduled meeting of Tuesday the 15th of February at 1:30 pm will ct 1:30 pm will continue as scheduled. We expect honest & honorable interaction. We expect all commissioner/Judges there to interact with utmost "Good Faith". If "Legal Council" is to be again deferred to, we expect him to be in the room & fully prepared to answer questions in manners which such competence & professionalism as has thus far been abysmally lacking from Attorney Ward.

            We expect ongoing communications witunications with yourself. We expect you to "Make Time" to communicate concerning these matters. "Administration of Justice" is the first item in the Preamble to Oregon's Constitution. Unless there is other similar Justice Related concerns which have been waiting in line longer than ourselves, we expect to have our questions exhausted before
you. We expect daily or near thereto EMail contact with myself at the EMail address listed below, & also to Michael Renkus at his fax number listed bber listed below.
            We expect thereby to be kept posted of progress towards finding answers to the 10 questions presented to Attorney Ward in our January 10 Email letter to & through Larry Sowa .

Those questions are:

1:     Are the present "Clackamas County Commissioners" capable of exercising that "general jurisdiction" of the "Judicial power of the State" which is "vested" in those "County Cothose "County Courts" as are specified in Article 7 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution?

2:     Is that "County Court" referred to in ORS 203.111 capable of exercising that "general jurisdiction" of the "Judicial power of the State" which is "vested" in those "County Courts" as are specified in Article 7 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution?

3:     With regard to ORS 203.035 which reads as follows:
        "(1) ... the governing body or the electors of a county may ... exercise authority within the county over matters of county concern, to the fullest extent allowed by Constitutions and laws of the United States and of this state ...
        (2) The power granted by this section is in addition to other grants of power to counties, shall not be construed to limit or qualify any such grant and shall be libera shall be liberally construed, to the end that counties have all powers over matters of county concern that it is possible for them to have under the Constitutions and laws of the United States and of this state."
            Do these provisions function to allow for the grand-fathering in of the Anglo-Saxon Model of County Governing as is referred to in the Oregon Blue Book stating:
       sp;       "... the American county ... is based on the Anglo-Saxon county of England dating back to about the time of the Norman Conquest",
            & does the governing-body of the County hereunder have the authority to exercise similar sovereign self-governing powers as did the Anglo-Saxons?

4:     Is that "County Court" mentioned in Article 7 Sectiicle 7 Section 12 the Same "County Court" as is mentioned in Article 7 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution?

5:     Is Clackamas County a "Local" form of government within this "State of Oregon" as recognizable under Article 4 Section 23 of Oregon's Constitution ?

6:     With regard to ORS 131.205; Does that "this state" which is specified therein as being:
        "ABOVE the land & water and & water with respect to which the State of Oregon has legislative jurisdiction";
        Does this "ABOVE" State create an Artificial Extra-Constitutional DeFaco Overlay Governing Body, which exercises a "Malum Prohibitum" Jurisdiction under which the "Un-Alienable Rights" of "We the People" of this "State of Oregon" to "Due Course & Process of Law" are Silently Presumed to have been Alienated away from us; & under which the DeFactoch the DeFacto Courts of this DeFacto Governing Body take "Silent Judicial Notice" that the "Consent of the Governed" has been obtained by way of "Minimal Contacts" with this "ABOVE" State?

7:     Does the use of the word "Supplant" at the head-note between the Amended & Original versions of Article 7, & where-under it states that:
       "Original Article VII, compiled below, has been supplanted in part by amendedart by amended Article VII and in part by statutes enacted by the Legislative Assembly."
        Does the use of this term "Supplant" herein have the same definition as set forth in the following reputable dictionaries?
        Random House Contemporary 1957: "Replace & Supplant both ... convey different senses. ... Supplant implies that which takes the others place has ousted the formusted the former holder, & usurped the position or function, especially by art of fraud ."
        Random House College 1968: "1. To take the place of , as through force, scheming, or the like."
        Oxford Universal 1937: "3. To supersede (another), esp by force, trickery, or treachery; to usurp the place or possessions of. 4. To uproot... ." ."

8A:     Has Attorney Ward executed an Oath to Up-hold the Constitution of the State of Oregon?
8B:     If yes, may we have a copy thereof?

9A:     Have each of the County Commissioners executed an Oath to Up-hold the Constitution of the State of Oregon?
9B:     If yes, may we have a copy thereof?

10:     Is it Lawful for any 10 households to elect a "Constable" who instable" who is Statutorily recognizable at ORS 133.005 7 161.015 as a "Peace Officer", & who in turn can exercise those ORS 133.033 recognizable "Community Care-taking Functions", & there-under can arrest any person who "Breaches the Peace" against any members of their Community?

            Under pressure situation Attorney Ward was capable of answering 2 similar questions within 24 hours turn-around time. It has been over 18 daysover 18 days since these questions have been presented to Larry Sowa for relay to Attorney Ward. Attorney Ward is clearly knowledgeable & capable of making much more timely responses than this concerning such questions as these. The only reason possible for these time delays is Bad-Faith. "We the People" don't have to take "Bad-Faith" from our Public-Servants. Such is grounds for Removal from Office & other punishment as by Criminal Process as recognized in both versions of Article 7. of Article 7.

            The first 2 questions are of very great importance. If you continue to rely on Attorney Ward or other Attorneys in these matters, we expect you to direct him/her to make phone call to myself, Charles Stewart, at the number above, to communicate verbally & timely on these matters. We expect him/her to be courteous, & to not hang up every time he/she gets placed in a corner in the conversation, as Attorney as Attorney Ward has done.
            We expect "Good Faith" Answers to these first 2 very simple questions in that very short time period which their simplicity & the already 18 days time passing over them deems Reasonable.
            The past hogwash which has been forthcoming from Attorney Ward will not be tolerated. You commissioners will not be allowed excuse of relyexcuse of relying of the stupidity of "Opinion" of Attorney Ward, or other Self-admitted Incompetents & Infidels.

            We sincerely hope you will rise above these concerns sir.

With all due Respect,

Charles Bruce, Stewart.
Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance

Please also send responsive letters by faxponsive letters by fax to:

Michael Rinkes, at:
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