Clackamas County Board of Commissioners
Bill Kennemier, Chair
October 27, 1999

Mr & Mrs Wilhelm Heckman
4125 SE Lincolin Street
Portland OR 97214
Re: Your visit last week at our Board Open Forum.

Dear Mr & Mrs Heckmann:
        This letter is in response to your visit with the Board of County Commissioners last week. I promised you a letter by the end of this week.
        I have read your granddaughter's letter and looked through the materials you provided and am deeply concerned about the pain and difficulties you all are facing. As promised, I have forwarded your concerns and the issues presented by Mr Stewart, Mr Bendschadler, and Mr Pringle to our legal council for review and advice. Please find our legal council's letter of response to me appended. I encourage you to read it carefully.
        In my responsibilities as a county commissioner, it is imperative that I seek and follow the advice of our legal council. As I suggested at the meeting last week, it is clear that the Board of County Commissioners does not have authority over the City of Milwaukie and their proceedings. Thus, we are not in legal position to intervene with them on your behalf. Also, the concept of the Board of Commissioners accepting responsibilities as judges is not legally feasible.
        However, it appears, given the analysis of our legal council, that you still have legal recourse in this matter. I would heartily encourage you to retain legal council to help you protect your rights and your home, and I would encourage you to act promptly so as to assure your recourse under the law.
        Thank you for the opportunity to clarify that the Board of County Commissioners is not the appropriate place to seek a solution. I wish you success, ands, again, I am sorry to hear of all the pain and adversity you and your family have faced.


Bill Kennemier,
Chair, Clackamas County Board of Commissioners

c       Mr Stewart
         Mr Bendschadler
         Mr Pringle
         Commissioners Sowa and Jordan
         Miles Ward, County Council ordan
         Miles Ward, County Council