Transcript of Phone Conversation
Commissioner William Kennemer & Charles Stewart.
Friday, 11, February, 2000; about 4pm.

<Part intro stuff snipped, concerning video camera allowances.>
Charles Stewart: ... would it be at all possible to use the bigger conference room rather than the smaller one there for the study session?

Bill Kennemer: Umm. How many people do you anticipate having?

Charles Stewart: Well, umm, there a, a lot of people concerned about the issues were trying to raise here ..

Bill Kennemer: Ummm, hummm.

Charles Stewart: ..and um ... I don't know if you've, have you gotten all of the letters & emails ?

Bill Kennemer: I think I have.

Charles Stewart: OK, umm. Umm, yea, there's a lot of issues there that are of concern that uhh, we feel arhh, we feel are umm, we need break-thru's in in open communications in, ya-know, and umm, we um just don't feel that were getting that presently, and um ...

Bill Kennemer: Right

Charles Stewart: And umm, were kinda desperate fer, fer ya-know, achieving some degree of recognition that we think these issues are entitled to sir.

Bill Kennemer: Well what we have planned is uhh, we have a half an hour, and well be strictly adhering to that time-line, so you, ya-know, you know that.

Charles Stewart: Amm, umm.

Bill Kennemer: And umm, if umm, let me explore, the problem is that the big room is not; we try to keep our work sessions as an informal kind of sit around the table so that it so that it facilitates discussion. And if its only a half an hour, and there isn't a great deal of time for other people to participate and in fact usually we try to have participation principally with a couple of key people, because otherwise it gets pretty complicated and that's more of kind of like a public hearing rather than a work session, and the time's to just have somebody make their presentation, which is what this is.

Charleze=-1>Charles Stewart: Yea, umm, Well; with regard to umm you know, trying; what were; what the essence of the work session I understand it is, is ta, ta try ta ahh, focus on what the issuers are that were concerned about, and to um, try to resolve the controversies, is that correct basically?

Bill Kennemer: I think its an opportunity ..., yea, I think that's pretty much it. I think its an opportunity to present your perspective, and spective, and umm, ya-know if there is a course of action that you want from the board, that would be the time that it would be appropriate to ask for it.

Charles Stewart: OK Well, I was under there impression that a lot of my written communications thus far have communicated a lot of those things.

Bill Kennemer: Well they have, and unfortunately, im not going to get into a longet into a long extended dialogue about your specific points.

Charles Stewart: Umm, not now, or not in the study session, or ...

Bill Kennemer:  I think the study session is an opportunity for you to make whatever points you think are most relevant about your case. And then to ask whatever specifically you would like to ask of the board. And then board will then either ya-hen either ya-kno well either make a decision, or delay it, or do whatever we, ya-know, I mean were, our responsibility is to try and develop courses of action as people ask for things .

Charles Stewart: OK, Well, umm; I was under the impression that we'd already asked for, for things like umm ...

Bill Kennemer: ... and our legal council has advised us that that, uhh, that's at, uhh, that's not consistent with their view of how things should be.  And you have objected to that and this is your opportunity to present your side of the story to see if you can persuade us otherwise.

Charles Stewart:  OK, Well I think I've already presented my second side of the story, and umm,

Bill Kennemer:  OK...

Charles Stewart:  ... like the last things in particularly the, the specific questions focus on whether or not um, the commissioners have the authority ta, ta proceed under Article 7 Section 1 ...

Bill Kennemer:  Kkayy ...

Charles Stewart:  ...with the General Jurisdiction; that question was, was presented quite some time back hee time back here; and umm Attorney Ward showed that he was capable of answering questions within 24 hours or so there once, and umm, but we have received no answers at all with regard to these, these more current questions that weve ...

Bill Kennemer:  That's right, because there seem to be an endless number of questions, and once there's disagreement I don't think there's any point in continuing that; umm, because its kind of one s kind of one of those things that you either agree, or you probably disagree; and, and at this point uhh, you-know the advice of council is to disagree; Uhhh, I think this is an opportunity ta, ta have that forum to discuss it, and we will decide either to agree or disagree, and if we agree, then we would proceed with a lot more dialogue.  If we disagree then you-know your option would be to pru, to present your case to the courts.  And that's where you would ask for a remedy.

Charles Stewart: Uhhh, Well it sounds like umm, you've got things pretty well umm, settled in your mind there sir, and I respect that.
Umm, umm, and I guess well just have to umm, umm, ya-know, hope for the best on, on Tuesday afternoon then .

Bill Kennemer:  OK. Well we'ill uhh, look forward to seeing yourd to seeing you on Tuesday afternoon.

Charles Stewart:  Thank you, sir.

Bill Kennemer:  Thank you now. Buy-by. (Click)

            I, Charles Bruce Stewart, do hereby Publicly Swear befocly Swear before "Almighty God" as referred to in Article 1 Section 2 of Oregon's Constitution, also known as: "YHVH", so as to make this "Solemn Appeal" to Him, that He witness my words herein, & that He take my soul & Torment it forever in Hellfire, or that He do to me the most Terrible of whatever else conceivable Punishment He shall deem appropriate:
                                                                                                  If any of the Words I set forth withthin each page of this document Be False.
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