From: Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance
CEO: Charles Bruce, Stewart;
39275 Hood St, # D
Sandy, Clackamas County, Oregon [97055]
Phone: 668-3932;
January 28, 2000
To: Clackamas County Commissioner/Judge Larry Sowa
Re: Clackamas County Court & Heckman Case, Letter/Fax # 4

Commissioner/Judge Sowa;
            It appears that as a result of our group's letters to you, this has produced communications between "Terry" & your secretary "Ginny Van Loo", which has resulted in a "study-session" meeting behas resulted in a "study-session" meeting being scheduled between on the one hand ourselves, & on the other hand yourself, & the other 2 commissioners, all on the date of Tuesday, the 15th of February, at 1:30 pm.
            It appears that a mere half hour has been set aside for this "study session". It appears that it will be held in the smaller conference room, where seating will be limited to just a few people.
    &np;          These limiting factors in how this meeting is being arranged has caused us serious disappointment.

            We are further seriously disappointed in your apparent lack of ability to cause to come to fulfilment your promise to us to exercise diligence in having this meeting occur in "Early December". We don't wish to draw into issue whether you exercised Good-Faith diligence upon thigence upon the timely arrangement of this meeting. We are aware that unexpected delays happen to everyone, yet we do note for the Record that we have not received any Explanation for these Delays, as is common among people seeking to maintain mutual respect. Your words in the private meeting you hosted with a few of us on November 15th clearly indicated optimism in your ability to pull the "Early December" meeting together. We are disappointed in your track record thus far in fulfillfar in fulfilling the clear expectations you have lead us to have in your abilities to effectively address these concerns.

            However, the realities of the current situation indicate that you are still probably the most commendable of the 3 presently sitting commissioners. A respected member of our group, one Michael Rinkes (sp), has affirmed that Commissioner Jordan has conspired with others to knowingly & willfully, to commity, to commit "Class A Felony Theft" & other Felony Crimes involving a very valuable piece of property down in Canby. Perhaps Mr Rinkes (sp) is making false accusation here, as judgement should surely not be finalized until Mr Jordan has had opportunity to appear & defend under "Due Course of Law". But we are familiar with the good reputation for Truthfulness of Mr Rinkes (sp), & we are further familiar with the epidemic of corruption in Clackamas County (such as evidenced by Myles Ward), & we are inclined to predict that Mr Jordan has some serious penance to perform before he may again look to long term comfortable sitting in such positions of leadership as a member of the Governing Body of Clackamas County.
            This controversy between Mr Rinkes (sp) & Mr Jordan will unfold soon enough.

            Under our current recognition that you seem hamstrung in abilities to effect minimally acceptable levels of progress towards effecting a return from DeFacto Malum-Prohibitum County Government, over to Lawful County Government; & Mr Rinkes's (sp) testimony evidencing Mr Jordans serious involvement in Felony Criminal Activities, our focus now will shift squarely to Mr Kennemer. The variables of Mr Jordan, & now yourself sir, are now reduced to reasonably predictably known quantities, & hereunder it simply now becomes more efficient to deal squarely with Mr Kennemer.

            As Attorney Ward pointed out in his January 4th letter, 3rd paragraph, "Mr Stewart ... does not suggest, however, which of the three commissioners is the County Judge...". Allow us to cure this ambiguity.
            We believe the Office of "County Judge" presently rests upon Commissioner Kennemer. This will continue until action may regrettably be brought to Oust him from that Office. Cause for an action such as this would be for failure of him to do his "Duties" before "We the People" of Clackamas County. This probably could be done straight away presently, if it were not for our commitment to keep community trauma to an absolute minimum during this most significant change which will occur in the mode of operation of the Governing Body of Clackamas County.

            We believe that "Due Course & Process of Law" can be made to move with surprising quickness, regardless of its apparent top-heaviness of demanding a 12 honorable man unanimous verdict, & its negative propaganda from Bar Association Monopoly Members. Lawful Government is not all that complicated. It is merely hidden from "We the People" by the Bad-Faith Infidels who infest the Temple of Justice, just as in Jesus day.
            The only serious question is whether the "Force" which is necessary to back up the Lawful Judgements issuing there-from is available. We have made contact with Sheriff Bradshaw concerning many of these issues, & we are hereunder working towards the effective minimization of county social trauma when this shift to re-establish Lawful Government occurs.

            Should Commissioner Kennemer regrettably become necessarily removed from his Office as the Chief Legislative/Judicial Officer of this County, hereunder that Duty would fall squarely upon your shoulders Commissioner/Judge Sowa. In fact, any action within the County Court to try Commissioner/ /Judge Kennemer for Malfeasance, Corruption, or Incompetence in Office, would probably be conducted by yourself, because you are the second most senior mor Incompetence in Office, would probably be conducted by yourself, because you are the second most senior member of the Governing Body.
            Hereunder sir, please take Spiritual Courage, & reconcile yourself as to how your Spirit can interact in these matters. If you are Not Capable of carrying the electrical wattage of the energy of this most serious job of "Administering-Justice" in Honorably for "We the People" of this County, & if Commissioner Jordan is then disqualified from the position; then your Only Oth your Only Other Honorable & Lawful Move, is to Immediately Nominate Another Person physically present in that "County Court" proceeding, whom you feel capable of conducting that energy & those proceedings in this Lawful & Honorable manner, all so as to pilot this "Ship of State" of the Governing Body of Clackamas County along this "Course &Process of Law" which is "Due" to "We the People" who compose it.

            If yo  If you do feel capable of handling the energy, but are just lacking in knowledge; you may appoint a councillor to yourself to help you follow this "Course & Process". We believe that there are some among our "Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance" who could fulfill those needs for you. If you choose anyone to support you in this manner, please try to chose council better than Attorney Ward.
            You could also su could also step-down without making any nominations for anyone else to take the helm of the "Ship of State" within the Governing Body of the County. If you choose that path, just state such plainly for the Court's Record.

            And while on the subject of Attorney Ward; our previous promise to your secretary Ginny Van Loo was clearly contingent upon your ability to influence "good faith responses" from those such as he & the ohe & the other commissioners to effectively address the concerns thus far expressed to you. This was such as being able to repeat the 24 hour turn-around-time for the questions Attorney Ward has shown himself capable of performing under pressure situations. It seems that was a rare fluke, & not to be construed as precedent. In view of all of these factors, we hereby inform you (& ask you to relay to Ginny) that in future communications we will express our feelings of outrage against trage against the corrupting & self-serving influences of Self-admitted Incompetent Attorney Ward, at any time that seems to be the most effective manner for making such points as are seeming to be necessary for the re-establishing of Lawful Government in Clackamas County.
            Ginny & those others who feel traumatized by this seemingly unavoidable hardball unfolding between the Polarizing two sides in this Good & Evild & Evil Battle for control of County Government, will just have to go to the back of the room & put some pillows over their heads or something, until the manly work of Administering Godly Justice has been completed here. Sorry, under these clear "Bad-Faith" responses form the "Governing-Body" (& "Council" upon whom they seem to prefer to rely), that is the best we can do for Ginny & for her similarly sensitive friends.

              Hereunder, we will be focusing the majority of our communications directly towards Commissioner/Judge Kennemer, sir.

            We sincerely hope that things unfolding here & hereafter all work to your best interests.


Charles Bruce, Stewart.
Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance
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