Summary & Conclusions based on accompnying
"Clackamas County Court Record".

          As shown in the accompanying "Court Record", County Clerk Kauffman has Refused to preform these Duties for "We the People" of this County.  Mr Kauffman was approached Respectfully, & the Questions presented to him were Reasonable, as shown by this Court Record . He has Refused to preform these Duties which are clearly Obligatory over him, pursuant to his Oath to uphold the Constitution of this State of Oregon Mr Kaufman gave No Reasonable Explanation for his Refusal to Perform these Duties.
            So "We the People" of this County are now "Moving in the Vacuum" to Keep the "Court's Record" our-selves, here.

            "Nature & the Nature's God" Abhor "Vacuums".  So does Oregon's Constitution, which provides at Article 1 Section 10, that "Every man Shall have Remedy by Due Course of Law for Injury Done to him". 
            This means that when the Constitutionally Intended System for Administering Justice breaks down, that those honorably intended members of the body-politic who are Concerned with these matters, may "move in the vacuum" so-as-to "Provide" that "Justice".  This is further supported by the immensely powerful Article 1 Section 1 which states that:
        "All Power is Inherent in the People, and all Free Governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their Peace, Safety, and Happiness; and they have at all times a Right to Alter, Reform, or Abolish the Government in such manner as they may think proper.".

            This again shows that the People have the Right to Re-Constitute Lawful Government, especially when it is no longer functioning to secure their "Peace, Safety, & Happiness", as is so well documented in this Court's Record. This is all "A Matter of Law"; & it here-under Proves that the current "Clerk", "Commissioners", & "Sheriff" of this County have all Abdicated & Surrendered their Right & Title to these County Offices.  By way of their Silence & Refusal to Respond to specific & Reasonable Questions here-in presented to them, these Public Officers have Admitted by Default that: "We the People" concerned with these matters, may Directly "Call New Elections" so-as-to once again re-establish Constitutionally Lawful Government for this good County of Clackamas.

         As a further "Matter of Law", the Constitutional Form of County Government, is the "County Court".  This is mandated by the original version of Article 7 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution, & it is further recognized in many statutes of Oregon, most specifically ORS 203.111.  This Statute states that the "... county court shall be the governing body and shall exercise general legislative authority over all matters of county concern  ... ."              Yet the "County Commissioners" Form of Government, is a "Municipal" Form of Government.  That term is based upon the word "Municipum", which is what the Roman Conquered Slave States were called. "Municipal" forms of Government are entirely Repugnant to that model for "Free Governments" which Oregon's Constitution clearly intended to Secure for the various Townships, Precincts, & Counties of this State.
        As established by this County Court Record, the New County Government being established here-in, now clearly has the Authority of Law to Directly Re-Establish the Article 7 Section 1  Constitutionally Protected "County Court". Here-under, this County Court may now assist the various sovereign "Political Subdivisions" onto self-organizing within this County, all into the various Townships, Precincts, & Cities, along the ancient Biblical pattern of 10, 50, & 1000 household's each.
            The Commissioners, Sheriff, Clerk, & County Attorneys have all fallen Silent in Response to our propositions that these things are Lawful.  They have "Duty" to "We the People" to Answer these concerns, & to make Objection to them, & to Explain their "Basis in Law" for such Objections; if they truly be in Error.  Due to the Silence, the clear Implication isImplication is that these Conclusions are Not in Error.

            Further, these Silent Officers have Similarly Admitted here-in: that said New County Government may take such Reasonable Actions as are Necessary so-as-to Insure the Continued Survival of the Newly Established "Constitutionally Lawful Government" for this County.   They were Asked about it & they "Failed to Deny" it was True.  They have "Duties" to Deny these things, because they are "Public Servants" who have Duties to Answer such Important Questions.
            Here-under, the Townships, Precincts, & Cities may each self-elect their own "Constable" & "Justice of the Peace" so that they may Defend each of their smaller Jurisdictions by "Due Course & Process of Law" against any & all who seek to invade their Lawful Geographical Boundaries.  All Constitutionally Lawful Larger Governing Entities are Constitutionally Prohibited from making any such Invasions, what-so-ever.  This is "Common-Law", & its that way because (as shown elsewhere) it is based upon the Teachings of Christ Jesus.  All of this Prohibits "Breaches of the Peace" in each of theseach of these smaller communities.  If there is any Reason for the larger governing entities to move into the smaller jurisdictions, then the smaller jurisdictions may "Invite" them to come & help in those smaller jurisdictions.  If the "Invitation" is not there, then the larger entities are to stay the heck out.  Such is the Supreme "Laws of Nature &Nature's God", as well as being the Will of the "Prince of Peace" & the "King of Kings", Christ/Messiah, Jesus/Yeshua.

       Here-under, each of these smaller entities may Directly use "Whatever Force is Necessary" through their fair-share of the "Posse Comitatus", all so-as-to Defend their smaller "Body-Politic" & that of the larger County & State, from those Violent Lawless Criminals who do habitually & Epidemically over-step their Constitutionally Lawful Authority.  Such DeFacto Governing Agents presently routinely mis-use the Public-Offices which have been En-Trusted to them. They do Fraudulently Act under Color of Lawful Authority so-as-to commit so-many Acts of Conspiratorially Organized & Lawless Violence against "We the People".  They Know they are Acting With Constitutionally Lawless Force Agains the Common People.  This all amounts to an effective "State of War" being waged by Corrupted Public Servants against "We the People" of Clackamas County.
            This is turn is the Definition of "Treason". 
             But these most controvercial topics are all more clearly explained in this Court's Record, as shown here-in.