In the
*Clackamas County Court*
for the State of Oregon.
The men composing this Court "Administer Justice" under a "General-Jurisdiction" (aka: "Common-Law-Jurisdiction") as a "Court of Record", as set forth under Oregon's Constitution at Original Article 7 Section 1. It is "Organized for Judicial Purposes" as recognized there-under at Section 9. This Court is a "Local" "Political-Subdivision" of the Sovereignty of this "State of Oregon", as recognizable within Article 4 Sectionecognizable within Article 4 Section 23 to that Constitution. This Court is a "Social-Compact" establishing a "Free-Government" among men of "Equal-Right", & who recognize that "All Power is Inherent in the People" as recognized in Article 1 Section 1 of that Constitution. The men composing this Court abide by those "Dictates of Conscience" which flow from YHVH as that "Almighty God" who is the Source of these mutually respected "Rights of Conscience" among our Nation/State/Culture, as referred to in Sections 2, 3,ctions 2, 3, & 7; & as inferred at the end of the "Journal of the Constitutional Convention" by the State Printer, W.H. Byars; as being: "Done ... in the year of our Lord" 1857. This is a Sovereign/Independent "Body-Politic", as recognizable within ORS 203.010. It "exercises authority ... over matters of county concern, to the fullest extent that it is possible" under applicable Law, as stated 203.035. This is that single "Governing-Body" within this County, therein exercising "Generaling "General-Legislative-Authority" as stated under ORS 230.111. This Court exercises those "Judicial-Functions" as stated in ORS 203.230.
This Court administers "County-Law" as a "General-Law-County" as stated under ORS 203.810. v-3.2
                              )       Writ of
                              ) ; ) Quo Warranto
        In the Name of & on Behalf of "We the People" who                   )                        (As recognizable under ORS 30.510,
compose this "Body-Politic" of this "State of Oregon" &                   )                                but not dependant thereon)
"ClackamaClackamas County"; & as "Relators" with Direct                                )         seeking that the herein named Accused "Show Cause"
Relationship as "Joint-Tenants in the Sovereignty"       bsp;                       )            as to "By What Warrant" they do hold their Office,
thereto, We do proceed to execute this document:                     &nbsbsp;          )            having forfeited it by Malfeasant "Abuse of Office",
               Verified, & Sworn, Subscribed;                     &sp;                           )                & hereunder seeking their "Ouster" there-from;
before YHVH, Jesus Christ, & this Court; that we    &;                              )        because all are showing "Clear & Convincing Evidence"
have "Probable Cause to form the Belief" that the Crimes                 &nbnbsp;  )             of willful continued acts of "Conspiracy" so-as-to
against "Public-Justice" as listed herein did actually occur                )            fundamentally alter our Republican form of Government

as set forth; & hereunder we seek by "Due Course &                         )               so-as-to reduce "We the People" to abject Slavery;
Process of Law" a "Remedy" for these "Injuries Doneuries Done"                      )          & thereby to further a Secretive Private Special-Interest Group
            & hereunder We hereby proceed:          &nbsbsp;                                      )                       Agenda of Malum-Prohibitum Evil-Religion
                                                                                          )        &n   & Secret Government which hereunder is committing:
       State Ex Rel;                              )      Treason;
          "Clackamas County                                               )           & other Infamous-Felony-Crimes of Moral-Turpitude
     Lawful Government Alliance"                                    )          sp;   against "We the People" of this State & County
    (Natural-Person Names on end pages)                                                )   &n                                all as listed further herein.
                                             nbsp;                                            )
                    Vs.                                   )
Accused Delinquent Public Servant:                )
         Clackamas County Commissioners:                               )
         Bill Kennemer,                         )
&ne=+2>         Larry Sowa, &                          )
       Michael Jordan.                         )
                                                                                &n         )
       Clackamas County Council/Attorney:                           )
          Myles Ward.                              )
                                                            &np;                             )                      Date: 15, February, 2000
     John & Jane Does, 1-1000 0
                          )           CCC Case No. 2000-0001 V-3.3

            County Commissioners/Judges Kennemer, Sowa, & Jordan:
            "We the People" undersigned come before you in the Name of & on Behalf of all of "We the People" of this "State of Oregon"; & of it's "Political Sub-Division" known as "Clackamas-County". This is our "Right" according to that "Social-Compact" as referred to in Article 1 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution because we proceed in this manner as "Joint-Tenants" in the Sovereignty of this "State of Oregon", &egon", & of this "Local" "Political Sub-Division" of that Sovereignty there-under known as Clackamas County.
             We find that this Sovereignty ultimately descends from that "Almighty God" referred to in Article 1 Section 2 of Oregon's Constitution, & it is in this most Holy Name of the King of the Universe, YHVH, that we proceed herein before you so-as-to seek His Justice, is Justice, all as has been traditionally practiced within His "Christian Nations" under His "Common-Law", all as has been set in motion by His Son, the Prince of Peace; the Christ-Messiah, Jesus, aka: Yeshua.
            Hereunder, We come before you seeking that "Peace", which is referred to in Article 1 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution. We are the Lawful Inhabitants of the "Land"; not sufferd"; not suffering under any legal disabilities such as Master/Servant Relationships, & hereunder being of "Good & Lawful" Character, Neither "Infidels", "Sophists", "Barretters", Nor "Goyum".
            "We the People" hereby seek Vigilance in Defending "Lawful-Government" under it's Original Constitutional Intent so-as-to secure Godly Conscionable "Justice" for "We the People", all by way of "Dby way of "Due Course & Process of Law". We seek hereby to defend it from those who would self-servingly Alter it from these Fundamental Principles of Republicanism, which thereunder were intended to secure a form of de-centralized democratic self-governing process for Responsible & "Good & Lawful" smaller groups of "We the People".

            We have found "Clear & Convincing Evidencincing Evidence" that all 4 of the particular above named persons have Knowingly Conspired so-as-to Fundamentally Alter our Republican form of Government to that of a Municipal Salve State, as based upon Roman Conquered Slave Territories. Hereunder, these ones have evidenced Knowing Intent to mis-use their Public
Offices so-as-to Obstruct the re-establishment of that Originally Constitutionally Intended form of "General Law County Government" Government" under a "General Jurisdiction County Court", as recognizable in Article 7 Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution. This is a "Political-SubDivision" of the Sovereignty of this "State of Oregon", exercising that full Sovereignty fully within its "Local" territorial bounds, & it is Exempt from the Jurisdiction of the State's Civil Legislature, precisely as specified for such "Local" Jurisdictions, as in Article 4 Section 23 of Oregon's Constitution.  This "County Court" is hereund" is hereunder the Supreme "Court of Justice",as recognizable over the smaller Precinct & Township level "Courts of Justice", which continue on down the hierarchy to "Politically-SubDivide" the Sovereignty of this State of Oregon, all the way down to each of "We the People" ourselves.
            However, since the times of Christ Jesus & before, there have been some Jealous of those others whoe others who are capable of Honorable Self-Governance before "Almighty God", aka: "YHVH"; and because these Jealous ones have reconciled themselves to a condition of abject Slavery & Moral Prostitution to the economic powers of the Great Whore Babylon, as referred to in the book of Revelation chapter 17; hereunder these pathetic ones do suffer from abysmal spiritual disorientation, being thereby entirely incapable of rising up to these Higher-Levels of Responsible Self-Governance as practice as practiced within "Christian Nations". Hereunder, those Jealous ones do seek to "Conspire" to Destroy, & to lower these other "Good & Lawful" & Responsible members of "We the People" down to their own pathetic levels of abject Slavery.
            However, those Jealous Ones do have great problems within American & Oregon Constitutional Jurisprudence & Law. These Constitutions Constitutions do protect the Rights of "We the People" to self-govern in the more Godly manners, & to "Administer Justice" for ourselves, all as sought herein.
            That this Religious Nature is involved in this present controversy is reflected by way of Attorney Ward's clear purposeful refusal to answer the question concerning whether the Clackamas County Government is acting as a "Municipali "Municipality", all as shown within the transcript of his conversation with Charles Stewart, dated Tuesday 19-October-1999. His refusal to address this question does clearly infer Intent to obscure the liability that He & the Commissioners addressed herein would incur based upon adherence to such a form of "Municipal" Government. This is shown when the term "Municipality" is investigated, as follows:

Apollo, History of Rome;y of Rome; Cyril E. Robinson, 1956; Chptr 4, Conquest of Italy; Pages 26 & 27:
            "Many factors contributed to her (Rome's) success; but more important than her geographical position, more important than even her military powers, were the political methods where by she contrived to conciliate as well as conquer. ... In. ... In 381, after overcoming the adjacent town of Tusculm, she generously admitted it to terms of further privilege. ... they were compelled to pay the war-tax like other Roman Citizens, & in token of this impositiona town thus treated was known as a muni-cipum or "burden-holder". As Rome's conquests spread, it became her custom to confer this status on cities ... sometimes it carried full franchise, but moire often tut moire often the "Latin" or half franchise, though this with the understanding that, their loyalty once proven, promotion to the higher privilege would automatically follow."

Webster's New International Dictionary; Second Edition, 1950:
            "Municipal: ... munia official duties + ro duties + root capere to take. ... Rom. Hist. Of or pertaining to, or of the nature of, a municipum. "
            "Municipal District: A subdivision of a region inhabited chiefly by non-Christians."

            Hereunder, it is shown that the wn that the word "Municipum" is related to "Municipal", & that "Municipum refers to a conquered Roman Slave State. Hereunder, it is further shown that these "Municipal Districts" are Not for the Governing of "Christians". Hereunder, it is shown that these Political-Issues concerning whether members of "We the People" are to be considered to be Conquered Roman "Municipal-Salves" does have serious Religious connotations, if said ones are to remain Free.
            Here-under is shown why Attorney Ward entrenched in Not-Answering the Question concerning whether the present Clackamas County Government is acting as "Municipality". Hereunder, is shown evidence of Attorney Ward "Conspiring" to Conceal Evidence that the present "Clackamas County Board of Commissioners" is acting as a "Municipality" all so-as-to reduce "We the People" of Clackamas County from their Constitutional Chitutional Christian Common-Law form of "General-Law" County Government, over to Special-Private Roman/Babylonian style Slave/State status.

            In the January 5th letter to Commissioner Sowa (made available to the other Commissioner at later date) repeated reference was made to the "Malum-Prohibituim" Jurisdiction which is currently replacing the "General-Laws" under which this Countich this County was designed to function. Attorney Ward & the Commissioners have refused to answer specific questions concerning these fundamental alterations in our County Form of Government in a timely manner. They have sat on their thumbs for close to 4 months as-of this date while the specific case of the Heckman Family have been presented before them & have thereunder DEMANDED that the Commissioner/Judges do their Constitutionally & Statutorily Recognizable "Duty" with regard to t regard to this case. It has been made clear to these ones for close to 4 months ago now that Article 1 Section 10 of Oregon's Constitution Commands them to "Administer Justice" in this matter "Without Delay". Close to 4 months have now passed while the Heckmans and many other Clackamas County People are run through the "Malum Prohibitum" Municipal Meat-Grinder (affectionately referred to as the "Prison-Industry").
      &nbnbsp;       Hereunder, it is clear that these ones composing the Governing Body of Clackamas County do not give a dam about "We the People" of Clackamas County, or the blood or tears that the People here-in shed for the Injustices committed against them on a daily-basis under "Color of Law". If they did, they would be in communications with Charles Stewart or other representatives of such groups as the "Clackamas County Lawful Government Alliance" for bringing theseinging these issues to Reasonable Resolution .
            The only reasonable explanation for these Evasions, Delays, & Obstructions; is that these ones are Knowingly & Willfully Secretly Conspiring with others so-as-to effect a Silent-Secretive War against "We the People" so-as-to Fundamentally Alter our Constitutional Republican form of Government, all so-as-to reduce us from a Free Nation/Sree Nation/State in-to a Babylonian-Whore style Romanized Municipal Slave State. The letters from Charles Stewart to these ones have fully pointed out that there does exist within this County, Epidemic Failure of "Due Course & Process of Law", all of which in turn is causing Epidemic, General, & Public "Breachs of the Peace" against "We the People" of this County being committed in massive volume by so-called "Peace Officers" & "Law Enforcement Officers", all under "Color of Law". Th of Law". The Only Reasonable Explanation for these egregious delays to these most important issues having so-long been presented before these ones, is that they Knowingly & Willfully seek to further these secretively ongoing Warring alterations in our Fundamental form of Republican form of Governance.

            Hereunder, the undersigned persons do Move for the Resurrection & Re-Institution-Institution of this Article 7 Section 1 "General Jurisdiction" "Clackamas County Court" to try these ones before a "Conscience-Bound" Jury & under the "Rules of the Common-Law". Trial is hereby sought to adjudicate their purported continuing right to act as the Governing Body of this County. Further similar Trial is sought whether they have Conspired so-as-to commit acts of "Treason", Terrorism, Coercion, Assault, Kidnaping, Hindering- Prosecution, Obstruction of Justice, Racketeering, Extoeering, Extortion, Robbery, Perjury, & others similar. Judgement of Conscionable Punishment is sought also from said Jury under applicable Rules of "Common-Law".

            Quo Warranto is the basic nature of this Action, & the Oregon Revised Statute encompassing this mode of proceeding is believed to adequately set forth how Quo Warranto should proceed in this instance. It reads:

            30.510 Action for usurpation of office or franchise.
           An action at law may be maintained in the name of the state, upon the information of the district attorney, or upon the relation of a private party against tu> against the person offending, in the following cases:
            (1) When any person usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises any public office, civil or military, or any franchise within this state, or any office in a corporation either public or private, created or formed by or under the authority of this sty of this state; or,
            (2) When any public officer, civil or military, does or suffers an actwhich, by the provisions of law, makes a forfeiture of the office of the public officer; or,
            (3) <  (3) When any association or number of persons acts within this state, as a corporation, without being duly incorporated.

            The impact of this Statute is explained in the case-law precedent of "State Ex Rel Madden V. Crawford"; (207 Or Mar. 56) (1956) 295 P.2d 174; Pages 80 - 90:
 ze=-1>            "This enactment is the statutory equivalent of the common-law writ of quo warranto, and an action commenced under it is generally referred to as a proceeding in quo warranto. ... It is the remedy or proceeding by which is determined the legality of a claim which a party asserts to the use or exercise of an office or franchise and ousts the holdets the holder from its enjoyment, if the claim is not well founded."

            "We the People", below signatory; as the Lawful Inhabitants of the "Land" of Clackamas County; & being of "Good & Lawful" Character; Neither "Infidels", "Sophists", "Barretors", Nor "Goyum"; we do hereby jointly execute this document which each of us has read in its entirety, & tirety, & to the best of our knowledge information & belief formed after Reasonable Inquiry, everything set forth herein is well grounded in Fact & is Warranted by Existing Law, & this entire document is Not interposed for any Improper Purpose, it is Not interposed to Harass, Nor to cause Unnecessary Delay, Nor to cause needless Increase in the Cost of Litigation.

            Signatory pagegnatory pages are set forth as amendments hereto, & will continue to be collected from among the populace in evidence of the Public Concern & Nature of these Outrages being committed against "We the People" of this County. The main organizer herein is:

Charles Bruce, Stewart;
39275 Hood Street, # D;
Sandy Oregon [97055],
(503) 668-3932. html>